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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mimi G Sewing, Fashion, Style Conference 2014

Whew!  Hi you guys. The Mimi G Sewing, Fashion, Style Conference was this past weekend in Los Angeles and I'm still recovering.  I drove down with the family on Friday because registration started early on Saturday.  The weekend was full of information.  There were . . .



And swag bags

And major announcements!!!

During the conference, Mimi announced her Mimi G Style patterns for Simplicity #MimiG4Simplicity which are part of the Simplicity Fall 2014 line available in stores in August. This was so exciting and she's so deserving.

And of course shopping

 There was plenty of eating too.

 The best room service burger ever!

Crab Cakes

Crab Enchiladas


Made to Order Guacamole - This was SO good

The Crew

 I wore this slit front maxi on Saturday reviewed here but somehow avoided being photographed in it.

I wore this Sunday, the top is B5753, which I'll review in another post.  I knew we'd be walking around downtown LA so I wanted to be comfortable.


This is the third Mimi G conference I've been to and each one is better than the last.  If you ever have an opportunity to attend I suggest you do.  The fellowship and sense of community is unparallelled.


  1. Wow it looks like so much fun - I need to find out her schedule & get on mailing list for next time !
    I loved your clothing choices. The gold top is so cute & stylish ! Great job

  2. So glad you had a good time! It was fun you on IG during the weekend!

    1. ...that should be fun to follow you on IG during the weekend...typing way to fast!

  3. I wish to be in attendance next year, so I better start planning now... On another note, as another size fabulous woman you always look fabulous and tailored. So I wanted to know what brand jeans do attest to I'm usually an Lane Bryant girl, but think I should start looking elsewhere...

    1. I LOVE Torrid jeans. They are perfect. The rise is just right, the legs are tapered properly on the skinnies, they come in different styles and washes and they have the right amount of stretch.

  4. Sewing Blogland is such a wonderful place, glad you had a fab time.

  5. So glad the event was a success and you all had such a great time. Also, the outfits you made and wore were fab.

  6. Glad you had a fabulous time and love your outfits.