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Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY Maxi Skirt

I've been in a pseudo sewing slump lately, meaning that I've being participating in sewing activities, but haven't produced many if any completed garments.  That is until yesterday.  One of the members of the sewing group I'm in reached out to say hi and to check on me because I hadn't been sewing much.  So I headed to the bins to see what I could find to make myself a maxi skirt to wear today.  Because I've been losing a bit of weight, I didn't want to use any of my favorites so I searched for something that I could easily part with when it becomes too big. Funny thing is, now that this is finished, I LOVE IT!

This skirt is made for walking on a nice breezy day.  It was so comfortable to wear and the way that it moved in the wind was beautiful.  I didn't use a pattern for this one I just used a 60" width ITY knit, folded in half, measured from waist to desired hem length and added two inches, cut two panels that long and sewed the panels together, added 3/4" elastic at the waist and added a 1" hem. Easy Peasy!  So look for more of these as I will definitely be making more.  It's a great way to show off a nice print, be Summer ready and a great stash buster. 

As I was posing for this picture, my 7 year old asked me if my skirt was a Peacock.  I hadn't noticed the resemblance before but he's spot on, except the male peacocks are the ones with all the pretty colors, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OOTD - Old Navy Maxi

Although I do sew most of my clothes, especially, my maxi dresses, I can't pass up a good deal when I see one.  I picked this little gem up at Old Navy at the end of last summer I don't remember exactly how much I paid but it was less than $20.00.  I love the color combination and it is super comfy.  I also got the cropped jean jacket at Old Navy during a different sale.  This jacket is a Spring/Summer staple as it goes with everything and is the perfect piece to carry a sleeveless look into night.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

OOTD - Black Eyelet

I was running late and hadn't figured out what I was wearing the night before, so I dug in the back of my closet and come up with this.  I bought this dress YEARS ago, before I returned to sewing at Lane Bryant.  It's significant that I bought it before I returned to sewing because I paid way too much for it but because it's this beautiful black eyelet, I thought it was special.  I haven't been able to fit it comfortably for the past couple of years however since I've been losing a bit of weight as some of you have so graciously noted, it fits like a charm.  Definitely one of the bonuses of buying/making classic pieces is that as long as they are kept in good condition, they can remain a viable part of your wardrobe.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

M6115 . . . Again

There really isn't much more to say about this dress. I've made and reviewed it or something very similar four times now. It's my go to maxi dress pattern and it's simple lines lend itself to being perfect for fabulous fabric. I was able to knock this one out in about an hour without instructions. You should definitely try it. 

Me being silly

She wanted to take a picture with mommy. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Patterns and Fabric But Little to No Sewing

I've been buying fabric, all the new patterns and making all sorts of sewing plans but no actual sewing.  I was under the weather and recovering for a couple of weeks and now I'm back at work with a vengeance.  In the midst of all of that I completed a three week training program for a new university I will be teaching at so I have had zero free time.  As it is, I routinely go to be after 2:00 a.m. just to be able to fit in the basics. 

I am working on my Mother's Day look though and if there is time, there will be a new little something for the princess.  Another project I have been working on is trying to finish up some of my UFO's.  I have two that have to be picked apart before they can be finished so I work on those while vegging out in front of the TV at night.  I didn't have the instructions for one and tried to wing it.  Epic.Fail. So I reached out to Vogue Pattern Company and emailed them one night and the next morning the PDF version of the instructions were attached to an e-mail.  Sweet!! But now I have to pick it apart because my steps were out of order.

I do feel like my mojo is revving up though and I hope to have a prolific sewing Summer.