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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm Walkin' . . .

Thanks to you guys for following me on the app mapmywalk (Kelly Horton).  You keep me motivated and accountable.  I've been trying to walk every day while the weather is nice and have been taking my boys, ages 10 and 7 with me if I walk in the afternoons.  We stopped by and picked up one of their friends the other day and he walked with us.  I was only going to walk a short distance because I was concerned about their stamina but they wanted to walk 2 miles, partially up a pretty steep hill.  I guess that will teach me to underestimate them.  I like walking with them because we get to spend time together unplugged and I hope I'm encouraging them to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.  I hope to increase to 2.5 miles this weekend and maybe, just maybe my legs will stop being so sore.


  1. go Kelly - keep walking sore legs n all. Take one day for rest and have fun. Hop over to for updates on health and fitness. Check out the Work It Wednesday post on Why 10000 Steps - that will definitely fuel you. Most importantly make sure that you have GOOD shoes. Happy walking.

  2. Kelly, you are an inspiration. I'm going to try to match your walking. Currently I do about 2 km - which is slightly less than a mile. ..