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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Early Spring Selections

It feels like it's been forever since I've seen new patterns. Thanks to Erica B, I was able to check these out days before I received the e-mails.

S2455 - I like the blue dress even though it's fairly simple, I like the neckline details and the belt.

M6037 - Even though I've never made or worn a caftan in life, I always like the idea of having something like this to lounge in and to run to the post office or grocery store if necessary.

M6035 - I love the shirt on the model and the view at the bottom. I was forced to buy a white shirt for pics with my siblings and loved it so now I'm on a mission to add several different styles of white shirts to my wardrobe.

M6031 - I like the the neckline on the peach top in the middle. Don't know if I'll actually buy this one, but I thought it was cute.

M6028 - I love, love the color blocked view. I definitely plan to make this. Very crisp. Very smart.

M6024 - I like the pink dress on the right. It's very romatic, very Laura Ashley. This will likely make my Spring/Summer sewing list.

Have you had a chance to look at the latest selections? What are your pics.


  1. I've been eyeing caftan patterns lately, too. In a lightweight cotton, it would be the perfect summer outfit.

    I didn't notice that first sportswear pattern - the dress is great. The detailing at the shoulders is really different.

  2. Great pattern picks - you've got me all excited to get some new patterns now!

  3. Hey Kelly...Nice to meet you...the turtleneck pattern I used was butterick 3344...It may be OOP, not sure. I added a dart to the neckline, then gathered it to create the gathered look...

    Take care

  4. Great line up of patterns and look forward to your projects.

  5. Kelly I just discovered your blog! Yay! Our gorgeous local restauranteur Melba Wilson (maybe you saw her "Throw Down" chicken and waffles with Bobby Flay) wears caftans beautifully. She looks phenomenal in them- I bet you would too! She always wears them with a really wide neckline, given your red dress, I think that really would suit you too! If ever you are in Harlem- look me up and we can go visit Melba!