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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am such a pattern junkie, buying new patterns makes me feel like I actually own the clothes. The Vogue Holiday/Winter 2009 patterns are out and I did see a few that caught my eye. Although I don't know how many I'll actually get to this season, I will definitely pick these up so that I can capture the possibilities.

V1150 - I like this because it's simple, chic and sexy. Give me some tights and a nice shoe boot and I'm ready to go.

V1147 - I'm actually pretty ambivalent about this one but I think with the right fabric and embellishment it can be pretty stylish.

V1143 - What really needs to be said about this other than this is HOT!

v1138 - This is definitely a great party dress and I can see it in a nice jewel tone for the holidays.
What about you? Do you see anything you like? Did I miss any of your favorites?


  1. I really like your pattern choices - I particularly love the Cynthia Steffe dress, it has a lovely modern look. I also love the large neckline ruffle in the Tom and Linda Platt dress. I'm really starting to get into the whole winter wardrobe thing looking at these!

  2. I'm going into Fall kicking and screaming but after seeing these I started looking for boots for Fall.

  3. I'm a pattern addict, too. I was so excited to see the new Vogue patterns. I love the 2 Cynthia Steffe dresses! They are a little short, but would be so perfect for going out, espcially the black one. I agree with you on the black suit - it is totally hot. The sleeves are very different, but in a good way. I also liked V8610 - not the pink and black version so much, but wouldn't the solid color one look great with thick tights and flat boots on the weekend?

  4. I really like all of the patterns you showed from Vogue's new season, too. I have only been sewing for a year or so, now and I have around 250-300 patterns already, PLUS a Burda subscription. It's an addiction. What can I say. lol