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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

McCalls Winter/Holiday Collection

I haven't done one of these posts in ages, but since there is very little sewing going on over here I thought I'd talk about McCall's latest offerings. While I am always thrilled to get the "new pattern collection" e-mails, these last few have had very little to offer. Here are my picks from this lot.

M6833 - I think this is a cute classic.  I like that this dress has a v-neckline as I think those look better on me.

M6834 - This dress is fun and flirty but I have to say I thought work dress when I saw it although with the right fabric it, like most things can be made dressy.
Both of these are views from M6838, although not the primary view shown on the site.  Here's a little fact from the things you probably didn't know about me file.  I always buy evening gown and wedding gown patterns that I like in case my daughter wants me to make her prom and/or wedding gown for her.  That way she won't just have access to the styles that are out at the time.  I did this even before I had kids let alone a daughter. 
M6844 - More peplum love, what's not to like here?
M6846 - I love the sleeves on this and can see this in a variety of fabrics.
M6842 - This is a great little skirt and I can see it in many shades of double knit or leather.
And finally, M6843 I will admit, this is a little weird but I can see it.
Now to wait for the next pattern sale.
So those are my picks, what do you think?  Did you see any that you liked?


  1. You know I looked at that collection and thought what ish...but you highlighted some nice patterns. Now I'm going to have to go and look at them again!