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Saturday, December 29, 2012

S2504 Part 1

It's been so cold here all I can think about is ways to stay warm. Luckily I've been on vacation since right before Christmas so I had more options but it got me to thinking about finishing up some those outerwear patterns I have. First up is this leopard fleece little casual jacket as I pretty much wear one of my jean jackets or no jacket most of the time. I thought this would shake that up a bit.

I'll probably will work on this this weekend after I cut out a few more things.


  1. I love your fabric selection. I cna't wait to see the finished garment!

  2. This will be super warm made up. Anne from PrttynPnk is having a Jungle January sewing linky (sewing using animal prints) and this will be ideal for it. Link via my blog if you are interested...J

  3. The fabric is really nice. I'm looking forward to the finished project as well!

  4. You go Kelly, that is going to be gorgeous!