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Friday, October 28, 2011

Over to the dark side

As many of you know, I had a beautiful baby girl last November (I know, it's so hard to believe she's almost a year old).

(Gratuitous Baby Pictures)

We knew we needed to buy a larger car but I.DID.NOT.WANT.A.MINI-VAN. So over the past year or so, I have looked at every SUV or cross-over vehicle known to man to try to find something that will seat five, plus various configurations of car seats and boosters comfortably plus cargo on a regular basis but also accommodate our big girls when they are with us. This was no small task and I researched vehicles I hadn't even heard of. Finally last May when we travelled to Texas for our daughter's graduation, we rented a van. We travelled all over the greater Dallas area, all 5 children in tow, super comfortable, without complaint, while driving on one of the MANY toll roads, I looked over at my husband and uttered those words of surrender, "you know we have to get a van right?"

So without further adieu . . .

This is an image from the Internet.

And here she is in her new home

I.LOVE.HER. We didn't buy new, but almost, it's a 2010 and we got lots of bells and whistles. We bought it from the sales division of a national rental car company and service, pricing and selection were fantastic and if anyone is in the market for slightly used vehicle, I would absolutely recommend checking the rental sales lots in your area. This is my second time purchasing from a rental company and both times I received excellent service and the vehicles were just 1 year old. We will get lots of use and have many happy times in this van. So the next time you see the white mommy van with heads bobbing around in back, take a look it might be me and my crew.


  1. Girl. I feel your pain. I draaaaaagged my feet on the minivan decision, because "I DO NOT DRIVE A MINIVAN". But in the end? SO. EASY. And I only had two toddlers, not five kids! You will not be sorry. (Er... saying that, as soon as my kids were old enough to get in and out of a "normal" car without help... I ditched the van. But I was REALLY glad to have it in between times. The automatic door was worth it's weight in gold.)

    Also, OOOOOOO that is one cute baby!!!!

  2. I currently own my third former rental car and I love it. They are well maintained and the prices are great! Good luck!
    PS: When you get old like me you can get another sports car :)

  3. We too are resisting the minivan thing, but all the seniors in this area seem to drive them, so seeing how we are seniors...........

    Your daughter is a doll!

  4. Awww...what a cutie your little girl is. I hear you on the mini-van. Never thought I would own one, but bought my first when I moved to Maui and I love it for family life!

  5. You're too funny! Your new van is nice and who'll be paying attention to the fact you're driving a van when you have such a BEAUTIFUL little girl in it!!! Your daughter is absolutely darling!