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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Maxi or Not to Maxi

This has been an extremely s.l.o.w. to non-existent sewing year for me but I've been buying fabric like a mad woman! I have recently gotten a few deliveries of beautiful knit fabrics and am expecting about 50 yards (YIKES!!!) more. I love the feel and comfort of maxi dresses and have been living in them this summer, the styling is easy and effortless, just throw on a pair of sandals or any kind, and with the majority of my dresses being polyester knit, they are no iron which makes it just that much easier. What I've been thinking about is how to transition the look into Fall. Obviously I'll be adding sleeves but what shoes to wear? Here are a few of the shoe choices I've been thinking about:

Yes these are the same shoe but I love them both and will be getting at least one pair.

I have a couple of pair of black booties but just picked these for illustration.

A heeled loafer

And then there are these . . .

These lovely little Louboutin's are $695 so I will be admiring them from afar.

So those are a few of my choices, what are your thoughts? Will you be taking the maxi look into the Fall?