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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, or . . . Simplicity 2497

I'll start by saying I hardly ever make a muslin which is why in the past I've ended up with wadders and had to go with less-than fabulous back up options. However, for something as important as my Christmas dress with no time for do overs, I decided I would make all my alterations to the pattern pieces and make a muslin. I also thought it'd be a good idea to see if this style would translate well on my body. Well wouldn't you know the muslin came out perfect. For a minute I chided myself about wasting precious sewing time making a dress I couldn't wear but the truth is, with my luck, if I hadn't made a muslin the dress wouldn't have fit. I've got the dress all cut out and if the sewing gods are good to me, I will have the dress substantially completed by Tuesday of next week since I will be home alone for the next two weeks during the day with my 3 and 5 year olds baking cakes and cookies, going to see Disney's Princess and the Frog, Chuck E. Cheeses and story time at the library, stealing moments to sew along the way. I love, love, love this dress, pockets and all. I love that the dress is chic but not body hugging, lets face it, I've body parts that just should not be hugged.

I'm using this rich blue toned red stretch sateen that I got months ago from So far, this seems like a really good fabric choice for the dress because of the slight sheen, stretch, yet stiffness of the material so that the ruffle will actually stand up like on the pattern envelope.

I had convinced myself that after the recent additions to my fabric stash and boot collection that I really didn't need any shoes but when I found what I hope (I'll know for sure when they are delivered on Monday) to be the perfect shoes for the dress on sale and an additional 30% off, I had to have them.

I'll post pics and a full review after Christmas but I'm so excited about the dress (who am I kidding, and the shoes) I just wanted to share.


  1. I am usually a plain shoe person, but those are simply wonderful. I'd love to see pictures of you in that Rowley dress and THOSE shoes. Glad your muslin turned out so well

  2. Oooo, I cannot wait to see the red dress! How wonderful that the muslin needed no alteration. I wouldn't have known *how* to alter around the ruffle.

    I almost snagged those shoes online too. I saw them in black at Nine West last night. They are so hot in person. I'm sure you will luhv them. A guy at the store was buying them for his wife - I told him that that he can't go wrong with those!

  3. I'm so looking forward to seeing your finished dress. It's such a great style and I think that your fabric choice will be perfect for it (and, unlike mine, your ruffle will stand up!). That colour is delicious and combined with those really hot shoes the whole outfit will be stunning.