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Sunday, April 12, 2009


2619 - I like the cargo pants on this pattern but if I buy this one it will definitely be on sale.

2608 - These knit skirts are cute and easy. I especially like the grey skirt at the top right for the seaming and gathers at the hip. Since I'm really on a dress kick this Summer, I will definitely put this on my must sew list for Fall.

2606 - I like these skirts because of the pleats and elastic waistband. Since I spend my work days sitting sometimes for 12 hours and have a full middle, I love a nice elastic waistband.

2591 - These dresses have a vintage feel to them which is not usually something I go for but I do love how simple they are as if they are just dying to show off quality fabrics. I also like the gathers at the neck and waist lines as they are another of my favorite design details this year.

2583 - The black and white dress in the middle at the bottom gives me an idea to interpret a dress I saw on a movie I was watching this weekend. I figure if I get the pattern on sale of $.99 or $1.99 it won't hurt to give it a try.

2584 - This little number is my favorite of the bunch. I love how it's stylish, crisp, classic and sexy.

2599 - I'm really into ruffles right now and this simple top fits the bill. I like that there are 6 variations in one envelope and can see this piece as a building piece to wear with jeans and skirts.

2579 - I like both maxi dresses for the day and night looks on this one but will wait for a pattern sale to pick it up.

2582 - I love, love, love this pattern, I've been looking for a basic maxi dress pattern that can become my TNT for the summer. I bought this yesterday and have begun altering the pattern. I will likely cut my bodice muslin tomorrow to hopefully have this finished by this weekend. I'm making the day version on the right in a lime green linen blend but will be looking for fun prints to show off with this simple style.

Feel free to let me know what you think of my picks and what your favorites are. Happy Sewing!

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